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I cringe at anything ConYuu, canon or not. For me, he is a father to Yuuri, and that makes it worse than a twin incest case. And Shinou help us, that ship is only second to Yuuram.”

I don’t like the way some yuuram scenes that were in the novel were deleted in the anime. I feel like the anime enhances conyuu, Conrad appears like a gary stu and Wolfram is often derided for some comic purpose. It saddens me a lot, because I love him.

"Even though I am very tolerant of all pairings in the various fandoms I participate in- nothing makes me rage harder than Conrart x Yuuri pairing. I don’t know why, but this pairing just makes me see red. I don’t understand it at all, no matter how many shipping manifestos I read. I just can’t handle it when I see the pairing and nothing makes me click away faster when I see the "Conyuu" label."

Hmm… I want to confess!!! I LOVE CONRART WELLER!!!

"This will get me hated and attacked by the fandom, but throughout much of the series I was really hoping that they’d kill off Conrad."

"When I started watching KKM I tried to only I ship Yuuri x Wolfram but as I watched more and more I realised Conrad x Yuuri was my favourite."

"I first started watching the series because I saw a screen cap of the main guys shirtless. I wanted to know more about a series that had such hot guys in it, so I researched the basic plot. The second I found out it began with a boy getting flushed down the toilet into a different world I knew it was one of the most amazing and unique series I’ve ever found. And Conrad is really hot. "

"In the manga Conrad says ‘That’s too Alaska’ as a joke but I don’t understand it. Apparently it’s a bad joke according to Yuuri but I really wanna know what it means. Am I the only one?"

"My favourite episode is Episode 52 Conrad standing tall. The ost, Soubou, kept on replaying in my head for years. It’s very calming and peaceful. And that episode cemented my love for Julia. "

"I am still in love with Conrad even after 6 years. The only anime character that can rival him is Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00. And yes, I do watch a lot of animes. "

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