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❝ Anonymous asked: Your autoplay is the best ever <3

Thank you. Only seems appropriate to have Kyo Kara Maoh music on a Kyo Kara Maoh blog. 

I think the fandom over feminizes Wolfram much too much. They make him out to be some kind of super uke and its very annoying because he’s totally not.”

I just want to say, I love Saralegui and I love SaraYuu. And I have no idea why people hate Sara so much. Yeah, he did bad things, but he was just looking for SOMEONE to notice him. He’s basically a kid lashing out. I mean seriously, he just needed a friend! And Yuuri is that friend for him! So, I’ll stand here and defend Sara to the ends of Shin Makoku!”

I don’t like the way some yuuram scenes that were in the novel were deleted in the anime. I feel like the anime enhances conyuu, Conrad appears like a gary stu and Wolfram is often derided for some comic purpose. It saddens me a lot, because I love him.

❝ kouandharukafan asked: Hello! A fairly new follower dropping by real quick just to say that I adore your blog. I'm still in the secondhand fandom for Kyo Kara Maoh, but I've been in love with the series for a while and I was really happy when I found your blog. :D I actually have a quick question regarding confessions. Is it okay, by request, to keep your URL shown? I'll respect it if you want everyone to make their confessions anonymous, but I was just curious. Anyway, good luck with your blog! <3

It’s absolutely fine with me if you want your URL on the confessions, just leave a little note at the bottom saying so and I’ll add it for you.

"I don’t mind YuurixWolfram. But I really crave MurataxWolfram and I wish there was more of that fic out there to read. Murata and Wolfram would have a great relationship.* (*Once Wolf got over Yuuri)."

Wolfram is my favourite character. People claim that he can be pushy and annoying. but at the same time he only acts the way he does to secure Yuuri’s future.

"Even though I am very tolerant of all pairings in the various fandoms I participate in- nothing makes me rage harder than Conrart x Yuuri pairing. I don’t know why, but this pairing just makes me see red. I don’t understand it at all, no matter how many shipping manifestos I read. I just can’t handle it when I see the pairing and nothing makes me click away faster when I see the "Conyuu" label."

"I ship Gwendal and Jose Rodriquez"

"I wish more characters like Saralegui would happen to Yuuri. I absolutely loathe that character, but he at least forced Yuuri to see that you can’t just blindly trust and love everyone. Some people are assholes and will screw you over. Sara gave Yuuri the character development he so desperately needed."

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