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I really, really hate how Yuuri’s hair gets longer when he becomes the Maou. It looks like a mullet. I laughed when I read at that the artist who draws the manga wished they had made his hair grow too, because the fact that his hair stays the same is part of why I like the manga more than the anime (that and the great art).”

I cringe at anything ConYuu, canon or not. For me, he is a father to Yuuri, and that makes it worse than a twin incest case. And Shinou help us, that ship is only second to Yuuram.”

I had a mad crush on Gwendal when I was a freshman in high school, I shipped him and myself in my head constantly, resulting me in failing most of my class. Four years latter and in college, I rediscovered the show and have to mute and fast forward his parts. Danger, Will Robinson, fantasies about fictional characters can be very destructive.”

I adore all of the characters in KKM. And indeed, the entire series. I miss it desperately. It breaks my heart that there’s no more of the anime, and even the manga and light novels are impossible to get in English now. :-(“

❝ Anonymous asked: Your autoplay is the best ever <3

Thank you. Only seems appropriate to have Kyo Kara Maoh music on a Kyo Kara Maoh blog. 

I think the fandom over feminizes Wolfram much too much. They make him out to be some kind of super uke and its very annoying because he’s totally not.”

I just want to say, I love Saralegui and I love SaraYuu. And I have no idea why people hate Sara so much. Yeah, he did bad things, but he was just looking for SOMEONE to notice him. He’s basically a kid lashing out. I mean seriously, he just needed a friend! And Yuuri is that friend for him! So, I’ll stand here and defend Sara to the ends of Shin Makoku!”

I don’t like the way some yuuram scenes that were in the novel were deleted in the anime. I feel like the anime enhances conyuu, Conrad appears like a gary stu and Wolfram is often derided for some comic purpose. It saddens me a lot, because I love him.

❝ kouandharukafan asked: Hello! A fairly new follower dropping by real quick just to say that I adore your blog. I'm still in the secondhand fandom for Kyo Kara Maoh, but I've been in love with the series for a while and I was really happy when I found your blog. :D I actually have a quick question regarding confessions. Is it okay, by request, to keep your URL shown? I'll respect it if you want everyone to make their confessions anonymous, but I was just curious. Anyway, good luck with your blog! <3

It’s absolutely fine with me if you want your URL on the confessions, just leave a little note at the bottom saying so and I’ll add it for you.

"I don’t mind YuurixWolfram. But I really crave MurataxWolfram and I wish there was more of that fic out there to read. Murata and Wolfram would have a great relationship.* (*Once Wolf got over Yuuri)."

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